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 Publisher  Vehicle Book Title
Apple Pie Publishers Humvee Manuals On CD-ROM
Concord Publications Co. Tank Battles of the Mid-East Wars
(1) The Wars of 1948-1973
Concord Publications Co. Tank Battles of the Mid-East Wars
(2) The Wars of 1973 to the Present
Darlington Productions Israeli Sherman
Tracing the history of the Sherman tank in Israeli service
HarperResource Jane's Tanks & Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide 2nd Edition
HarperResource Jane's Tanks & Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide 3rd Edition
Mouse House Enterprises Israeli Military Vehicles
The First 50 Years 1948 - 1998
Mouse House Enterprises Military Briefs No.2
Israeli Tank Based Carriers
Osprey Publishing Co. Centurion Universal Tank 1943-2003
Osprey Publishing Co. Merkava Main Battle Tank
Osprey Publishing Co. Modern Israeli Tanks & Infantry Carriers 1985-2004
Presidio Press Israel's Army
SABINGAMARTIN Israeli Wild and Cruel Cats
Achzarit and Puma
SABINGAMARTIN Lioness & Lion of the Line
Sherman M-50 and M-51
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.1
M108-M109-M109 A1/A2
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.2
M113/A2-M106 A1/A2-M5777 A1/A2
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.3
M60 A3
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.4
Israeli M4 Sherman and Derivatives
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.7
M998 HMMWV "Hummer" and Derivatives
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.9
M163 A1/A2 Vulcan, M901 A2 Tow, M48 A2 Chaparral
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.10
IDF T-54, T-55, T-62
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.11
Merkava MK2/MK3 Israeli Defense Force
Verlinden Publications Warmachines No.12

 Publisher  Aircaft Book Title
AD Graphics The IAF Aircraft Series
AD Graphics The Complete Guide of the Israeli Air Force
1948 - Present
Aerofax Midland Pub Ltd. On the Edge
Aircraft of the Israel Air Force Since 1948
Books Britain Wings over Suez
Concord Publications Co. The Shield of David
The Israeli Air Force into the 1990s
Editions Atlas Pilotes de l'Aviation Israélienne
HarperResource Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide 3rd Edition
Motorbooks International Israel's Air Force
1948 to Today
Osprey Publishing Co. Arab-Israeli Air Wars
Osprey Publishing Co. Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces
Osprey Publishing Co. Israeli F-4 Phantom II Aces
Seven Hills Book Distributors Spitfires over Israel
Schiffer Publishing Ltd. The Israeli Air Force 1947-1960
An Illustrated History

 Publisher  Modelling Book Title
Kalmbach Publishing Co. How to Build Dioramas
Kalmbach Publishing Co. Modeling Tanks and Military Vehicles
Kalmbach Publishing Co. Modeling Realistic Tanks and Artillery
An Illustrated Guide
Osprey Publishing Co. Modelling Postwar Tanks

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