Israel flag Vehicle Reference Israel flag

Merkava IV Merkava III Merkava II
Merkava I Magach 7-C Magach 7-A
Magach 6-B Batash Magach 6-B Magach 6-A
Magach 6 Sabra M60
M48 Tiran Centurion Shot
Centurion M51 M50
Sherman AMX-13 Panhard
Cromwell Hotchkiss 39.H  

Armoured Vehicles
Zelda 2 Zelda M113
M113 TOW Halftrack RBY
RAM Staghound Universal Carrier
Dodge 2-1/2 ton (1948) Daimler Marmon-Harrington
M3A1 Scout Car Armoured Cars  

Engineer Vehicles
Puma Nagmachon Nakpadon
Achzarit M88 M113 Fitter
Merkava ARV M60 Engineer Vehicles Centurion Engineer Vehicles
M-32 ARV Trailblazer ARV Sherman Engineer Vehicles

Patrol Vehicles
Hummer M-240 Mutt
M38 Willys Abir

MLRS M109 M110
M107 Soltam L-33 M50 155mm
Obusier Mle. 50 M7 Priest Soltam Mortar
Halftrack Mortar M113 Mortar  

Air Defense
Vulcan Chaparral Arrow SAM
Hawk SAM    

Other Vehicles
HEMTT International Truck Dodge Truck
M-931 GMC Truck Unimog
Amphibious Vehicles Caterpillar Bulldozers  

Tank Transporters
Volvo Mack Man

Captured Vehicles
T-62 T-55 T-34
IS-3 PT-76 OT-62
Katyusha ZSU 23 Al-Walid
Archer Bridge-Carrying  

Latrun Kubinka RAAC

Leaving Lebanon UNIFIL Juniper Cobra

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