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The real thing, the roadwheel of a Merkava Mk. IIIB Front and rear face of the Cromwell Models wheel The rear face of the wheel The Cromwell wheel and the Academy Merkava Mk.II wheel
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General comments:
The Academy wheels are absolutely useless for the Mk. III,  unless you want to build the prototype, and should always be replaced. This is one of the major errors in the Academy kit. 
The good thing about the Cromwell wheels is the general look, they actually look like the real thing. HOWEVER, my primary reservation regarding the Cromwell Models wheels is the diameter of the wheel, they are way too narrow in diameter. The diameter of the metal wheel is 20,3 mm in 1/35 scale and the Cromwell wheels are approx. 16mm. Thus, they are 25% too narrow in diameter. In my humble opinion this renders these wheels useless. 
I hope Cromwell will redo these wheels, as they are sorely needed, since the Academy wheels are also useless.
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