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Some pictures origin the Israeli National Photo Collection or Yahoo! News.
Some pictures provided by:
Marsh Gelbart, Moustafa M. Assad (Lebanon), Matthew Carkeek,
Thomas Antonsen, Gilles Peiffer, Yves Christen,
Eitan Kodkod from IDF Steel Panthers, David Latorre,
Richard Howden, Caius Pompilius, Bobber,
Barry Marriott, Pieter Balkhoven,
Frans van Starkenburg, Karl Fratzke,
Nissim Tzukduian, Ziv Segal,
Netanel Deri, Thierry Legeay,
Erik Hendriks, Eran Kaufman,
Mark J. Stuurman, Alain Servaes,
Gaby Lezen, Michel Fransen.
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