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The real thing, the track of a Merkava Mk. III Front side of the Friulmodel track The rear side of the track
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General comments:
The Academy tracks are absolutely useless for the Merkava Mk. III,  even if you want to build the prototype, and should always be replaced, as they are (correct) tracks for the Merkava Mk. II. This is another of the major errors in the Academy kit. This kit from Friulmodel however is simply a gem. The moulding quality is outstanding. The kit consists of two bags of tracklinks (the tracks are handed, left and right) and a roll of thin wire. This wire is used to link to tracklinks together, link by link. Is is a little tedious to drill out every link, but the result is worth it. I have only build a few centimeters to see how the building quality is, and I'm not disappointed. My only reservation is the price, 23,50 (Dec. '00) Some modelers might find this a little steep, since it equals the price of the kit. However, you get what you pay for, the quality is very high.

The shape of the track is 100%, as can be seen when comparing the photos above. Regarding the size, then they look right. I don't know the actual width of the real track, but it can be seen, when comparing photos of the Mk. II track, and the Mk. III track, that the Mk. III track is somewhat wider than the Mk. II track. The Friulmodel tracks reflect this difference.

The picture of the real Merkava Mk. III track is from the Verlinden Warmachines N. 11 Merkava Mk. II/III.

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