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udash69 -
10-01-2005 21:26:48 []
Hello from Poland. Which of colours can I use for contemporary models of Mercava 4 and Ah- 64 (humbrol or revell)

udash69 -
10-01-2005 21:26:34 []
Hello from Poland. Which of colours can I use for contemporary models of Mercava 4 and Ah- 64 (humbrol or revell)

Jakov -
07-01-2005 00:38:02 []
Very good place for resting and for all maniacs of israel defence force. Greatings from POLAND and don't close this webside

kredit -
06-01-2005 12:46:41 []
Hallöchen,durch zufall bin ich auf diese Seite geraten,und ich finde sie sehr interessant und ansprechend. Macht weiter so,ich schau auf jedenfall nochmal vorbei.lieben gruss von Uli

kredit -
06-01-2005 11:07:57 []
Ein wirklich sehr Interessante Seite mit guten Informationen.

tatoo -
04-01-2005 11:44:19 []
Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed your site. Best wishes

girokonto -
03-01-2005 12:56:08 []
Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed your site. Best wishes

kredite -
23-12-2004 10:06:50 []
Hi. Thanks for this site, i have been trying to do my homework ! i couldnt find anything. Buhbyeee

girokonto -
15-12-2004 13:33:42
Hi. Thanks for this site, i have been trying to do my homework ! i couldnt find anything. Buhbyeee

kredit -
13-12-2004 16:37:27
I like the way you set up that your info is the homepage, nicely done.

Bae Sung Soo -
13-12-2004 08:35:37
Dear staff Last month...I had been sent to comment and pictures your website. And I request your respond e-mail... But I can't receive your respond. please E-mail to my E-mail address. I want to know how to send pictures on your website. I can't use outlook express. I really appreaciate if you teach me how to send pictures on your website. Did you received my pictures...? that is pictures of Ti-67 modelling. If you hadn't received my e-mail(IDF vehicle Ti-67) ....I will send them again. I hope that you have a good day...

rutenplaner -
10-12-2004 10:36:24
I found your site looking for a book that I eventually picked up as a well worn paperback at black oak books in . Thanks.

jojo -
08-12-2004 08:08:43
Best wishes! The content of your site is very interesting. I really liked it, thank you!

Bae sung soo -
24-11-2004 10:30:58
Dear staff I was sending e-mail to your website few day ago. The e-mail subject is 'IDF vehicle...Ti-67pictures. I wonder you received my e-mail. I can't use out-look express and e-mail was sent by and e-mails are not junk mail. If you can't receive my e-mail how can I send my e-mail. please teach me sending method of e-mail. I appreaciate you reading this message and wait your reponse

ad -
23-11-2004 04:04:14
thanks! Best wishes! You can also check some information in the field of

luciano gianfilippi -
05-11-2004 18:59:38
wonderful web site for enthusiast of IDF AF history like me Thank you

phentermine -
30-10-2004 08:44:31
Good page, but the colors are not picked up, in my opinion! The best regards!

Peter -
22-10-2004 18:37:46
Hi Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. You have great designs on your site! The colors are attractive and you have great pictures. Welcome to visit my Site and sign my guest book regards from Peter

12-10-2004 04:29:31

16-09-2004 11:18:19

Roy T. Johnson -
15-09-2004 05:18:21
I've always been a fan of professional military forces based on combat ability, the IDF/IAF has combat proven ability since 1948 and before. I love your site, it covers so much information; as a modeler I get a lot of great reference material. Keep up on this site, it is such a great source.

11-09-2004 17:01:33

23-08-2004 01:11:21

odi -
19-08-2004 20:44:32
You're website looks very good, congratulations.. ;)

michael stevenson -
13-08-2004 00:22:50
great stuff guys i was very happy to have found your sight. i.d.f.modeling is the main stuff i model. keep up the good work.

Stephen Auslender -
11-08-2004 15:25:47
How does one become a member?

28-07-2004 13:40:28

Sandgren -
18-07-2004 12:33:48
Great Site!

alex -
14-07-2004 04:57:50
Very good work. Very good site. Good luck for the continuation.

RozmanRaf. -
09-07-2004 17:28:35 is great,now I can take out my Academy M51 and paint it with the right color scheme.Luckily there're lots of Tamiya/Humbrol paint in Malaysian hobby stores!

ikechukwu -
07-07-2004 12:21:39
well i think this site is a wonderful site. actually i was looking for a suitable site that will help me find a job of modelling. so can i find one here? thank you.

Jan-Willem -
28-06-2004 19:51:09
hello, I just wanted to say that I realy love youre site and that I found it to be one of the best site to find info about the IDF. Keep up the good work. Jan-Willem

Peter - ppp3636@hotmail,com
28-06-2004 00:25:47
I found youre website facinating because thier is not to much info out thier on IDF aircraft. Thank you for letting me use youre sight because I am waiting to go to work on a 1/72nd scale IDF phantom and to start a collection of middle east fighter jets from Egypt,Syria,and IRAQ.Anyway thank you again.

Philippe Tanguy -
05-05-2004 17:48:27
j'invite tous les Bretons fans de l'IAF a voir mes maquettes sur ce site et à m'envoyer un e-mail. Signé:un "goy",ancien kibbutznik!

Dimi -
01-05-2004 21:31:29 great site, visit mine too and please sign my guestbook too.

Sergio -
26-04-2004 10:37:40
Un site qui mérite d'être vu.

susan -
17-04-2004 05:47:45
como fasso para entrar na aeronaltica com 16 anos de idade

30-03-2004 17:14:49

Preston Stevens -
14-01-2004 08:16:56
Hi Folks, Good web sight!!! I collect and build my own HO scale military models and are now in the mist of trying to create an IDF unit of Centurion and M51 tanks. These tanks are to be painted as if in the 1973 conflict. I'm still trying to figure unit identification. As I come to know so far is that Hebrew letters represent individual tanks and the number behind it the platoon. Are the stripes on the barrels company markings or is the "spinning V"? All I have so far is ^ =A, >=B, V=C and <=D or do they represent battalions? I'm so confused. I'm also trying to get information on general armuored TO&E in that time period (All sides). Best Regards (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy) Preston

Andree -
09-01-2004 09:41:48
Hi Please can you tell me where i can order a sherman ambulance . Are they made by Italeri Dragon Academy Tamiya ????? Regards Andree

Jean Pierre -
15-12-2003 08:13:19
Site formidable et très bien conçu

Charles ferran -
11-12-2003 16:39:07
Hi very good models,a fantastic sight keep up the good work. Love to see more articles, especially on aircraft colour. I submitted some photos of my merkava 1 hope to se e them soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS Charles Ferran FROM TRINIDAD& TOBAGO

Andy Bigtank -
23-11-2003 11:27:51
Very pleasant shopwindow .. With pleasure itself I saw pictures etc. . My side with details of armoured models in scale 1:15 ... I INVITE ...

19-11-2003 07:45:55

01-11-2003 17:01:23

mugu - mugu
09-10-2003 14:47:54
keep offfffffffffffffffffff

rulan -
24-09-2003 17:53:54

Roy -
22-09-2003 08:33:51
You did a good job.Good luck Visit me at :

04-07-2003 00:36:25
very good site! Good job, Best regards

02-07-2003 06:55:46
a M113 Freak, i enjoy youy series on the IDF M113. Really inspired to build some M113 like yours... Cheers!!

Les Thiele -
22-05-2003 06:37:58
I'm always amazed at what I see when I log into your site. There seems to be something new each time I enter it is a great help with my modelling and also a very good general interest area to look into, so please keep up the very good work.

Albert Moore -
11-05-2003 15:20:11
I enjoy my visit everytime I surf by, keep up the good work! Regards, Albert

tanguy -
19-04-2003 20:29:30
very nice site for all the idf and kits lovers.hello from TANGUY (a "goy" of BRITTANY !)

steve short - shortk 747 @ aol
06-04-2003 14:24:02

davidnolanbrown -
29-03-2003 15:40:22
thank you for having such a great references on a great army and its equipment and aircraft.

Tom -
04-03-2003 15:30:11
Great reference pictures

nice website -
20-02-2003 20:34:14
nice website

marc greenberg -
26-01-2003 19:51:23
nice site. another good site for modelers and collectors is shalom

Aron Fuks -
25-01-2003 16:34:48
Your site is very good.This site gaved me a lot of knowledge about israeli forces.If you would say a little bit more about models that were built.

Jack Bouchard -
20-01-2003 03:19:31
This is one of the most helpfull sites I've ever seen. I'm glad to find a website where people can display models of the world's greatest military force.

16-01-2003 17:44:20
Great site, Looking forward to sending pics of my collection soon. Like to talk to other IDF modellers maybe get a club going.....

matan roisman -
09-01-2003 20:22:58
this is the best site i hed ever seen. you deserve all of the credit you want and i will be onred if some of my models will be shown in here. please consider my offer and notify me, matan.

emmanuel roche -
30-12-2002 17:21:08
Good modeling site, and reference photo's..

ori paz -
13-12-2002 10:49:35
I can´t wait to start serv in this army

Elielto brito -
05-12-2002 00:09:24
O que faco para tirar um brever

jane -
21-11-2002 14:58:58

Ron Koon -
03-11-2002 17:06:36
Thank you for the refreshing look a very professional modeling. I have a very long way to go in achieving anything close to your level of realisim. The future will be enjoyable knowing i have your pictures to referance too. My heart is allways with the Israeli People..

Piotr Sawicki from Poland -
23-09-2002 20:13:57
Realy good made site! Completly source of information about IDF- in Europe its very hard to find ANYTHING about Israel's army, and yours is even in english. GOOD WORK!!

Yohann -
17-09-2002 22:57:53
Super boulot, Shalom @ bientôt ! :)

João Paulo Bighetti -
07-09-2002 23:56:14
Congratulations ! Your site is really amazing and a great source of subjects about IDF. Your armour section is particularly outstanding. Keep rollig this job, guys !!!!

arun c a -
03-09-2002 11:05:09
this site is really helps a lot people like me to know more about miniature modelling.

naum -
31-08-2002 00:05:49
Quero ser um major da aeronaltica

Jerry Richardson -
27-08-2002 04:14:09
Great site. Am looking forward to using this site for reference material in building some Israeli aircraft.

torben -
22-08-2002 17:05:11
nice page bye Torben from germany

27-07-2002 16:30:46
Excellent. I'm searching for data on Puma. Do you recommand one book? Your site is with a .fr: may we talk in french? Rgds E. Serres

Joao Paulo -
14-07-2002 18:50:17
Congratulations ! It`s a great site, a really to all people interested in israeli armour. Joao Paulo - Brazil.

Simon Link -
21-06-2002 16:00:07
This amazing site is one of my reference sources. Please, keep it running.

Frans van Starkenburg -
04-05-2002 21:23:02
This is really a great site. Keep it up to date:-)

Sam Alderlieste -
13-04-2002 08:12:24
Great site with lots of goodies for modellers like myself !

Vardit Zafri -
13-04-2002 07:06:03
Haven't seen your entire webpage yet.. wanted to see if it was interesting to show to my nephew and great nephew in Kingston, Ontario, Canada... we shall see;);)

Tomcatttt -
06-04-2002 23:11:44
very great site, go on

Niklas Jonsson -
17-03-2002 23:19:47
Way to go.....

Ruvain Avraham -
07-03-2002 21:39:09
Shalom alachem; Very good, I don't recognize many of the vehicles with the new armour on them. The a/c are great. If this site is originating from eretz Israel,our thoughts and p/ys are with you all every day.

Brian -
06-03-2002 21:19:59

Noone -
23-01-2002 10:48:18
Great site ! I used your refs to build by skin-models, you can see them at Its a modification of a combat sim game OFP. I am remaking this game to simulate Israeli-Arabs conflict. And i ma building new models for the game. You site was very helpfull. Thanks. BTW, maybe we could exchange links ? Best regards Noone

Philippe THIBAUT (Belgium) - philippe.thibaut
18-01-2002 12:38:05
WONDERFULL SITE ! I am willing to construct an 1/72nd scale MAGACH 7D/8 and SABRA based on ESCI M60 Blazer model but I lack scale plans - especially of tureet and front add-on armor. Can anyone help ? Cpies of the assembly notes of the AEF DESIGNS 1/35th kits would be welcomed ! Shalom !

tony -
18-01-2002 12:35:28
what a site

15-01-2002 10:58:26
Great Site I just like to know the exact color of Israel tanks I was advised that it's 80% Buff, 10% Dark Gray, 10% Green. Are those the right color combination?

abraham -
14-12-2001 11:17:51
very interesting place , would like to see models in 1/87 wich is my favorite scale

Jose Antonio Custodio -
22-11-2001 17:13:15
Lovely site!!!! Now it's got me thinking about building my stock of IDF armor and aircraft kits and putting aside for the moment all my World War 2 armor and aircraft kits that I haven't finished yet! Is it right to call the site sababa?

Edward Gutierrez -
18-11-2001 01:02:41
You guys are great! Please keep up with the good work.

Mikey D -
06-11-2001 23:43:50
Tov Me'od

Atalef -
24-10-2001 21:30:53
Great site! I've recently begun to focus on Israeli armour/ figures and dioramas, and appreciate the information you have assembled. A question: have you (or others viewing the site) any idea on a source of 1:35 Israeli flags? I would be grateful for any leads. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

André Silva -
23-10-2001 16:09:40
Prezado Senhor, na busca de kits de plastimodelismo, vi seu e-mail, e gostaria de saber os produtos disponíveis e o preço dos mesmos. Tenho preferência por aviões e helicópteros na escala 1/48 ou maior. Caso o senhor tenha aerógrafo para vender, favor enviar o modelo e o preço. Não gostaria de nada muito caro, já que sou iniciante no plastimodelismo. Obrigado, Atenciosamente André Silva

SabIngaMartin Publications -
01-10-2001 15:37:17
Dear Ilan, Happy Holidays. Thank you for everything. Your friends Nissim & Robert

Nissim Tzukduian -
01-10-2001 15:30:23
Great site!!! Ilan, Keep the good work.

26-09-2001 18:33:01

boaz -
04-09-2001 22:33:08
cool site, i use it a lot for modeling. your making it really good!!!!!!!!

marcgm -
17-08-2001 08:29:44
Great site for references and inspiration...but interest is not what it used to be. At least it seems that way from the frequency of updates I see. That's too bad...I looked to this site for a lot of information.

15-07-2001 17:39:55
very good site. Israel navy???????

Kevin Manhart -
04-07-2001 04:59:48
I have tried searches for Israeli (IDF) armor vehicles, but seemed to find much....where did this site come from???!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monty Hendra -
27-06-2001 11:01:47
it is wonderfully amazing how modelers can actually capture the past history of a nation from kits that are build to the finest of an art.

Gerald T. Ferrer -
27-06-2001 03:20:54
This website provided me with great help especially painting at least the exact colors of IDF armor. Thanks!

till Sunderman -
19-06-2001 02:27:27 You have a cool web page,come on and check out my site.

Josh Weingarten -
22-05-2001 17:02:49
Totally great site. What was the halftrack from kubinka used for. Its definitely Israeli as seen from the fittings.I've just never seen one with those boxes and empty of all other fittings inside.Any Ideas

till Sunderman -
15-05-2001 02:35:30
This is a realy cool site. I found it by surfing the net. I am in the military here at Fort Hood Texas and like building military models. I also like building IDF vehicles. I recently finished a 120mm motar mounted in a halftrack, currently I am working on a TOW jeep being used by airborne infantry.I'll be checking in every once and a while, Adios. cheers MAUSER P.S. you guys have a email newsletter?

Henrik Sørensen -
13-05-2001 21:51:52
Great site, exclent references

Greg Winters -
02-05-2001 05:39:17
Great site with excelent references.

Rodrigo Cortez -
05-04-2001 04:02:35
A really good site I really enjoyed it and alway come back for more, keep up the good work, Is there any where you know that I can find some of that truelife paint it would make things alot easier.

Patricio Sandoval V -
03-04-2001 04:20:05
Please, more pictures of armors and uniforms of soldiers. Tankyou.

Richard -
16-03-2001 06:38:11
Wow! Other modellers that like IDF stuff. Any chance of more references to armour books, articles, biographies etc.? Keep up the good work.

07-03-2001 16:11:47
This is a great site, which I enjoyed very much. Great content, nice graphics, great execution. Kol hakavod! DAN

David Bruno -
26-02-2001 21:41:12

keith forsyth -
14-02-2001 11:49:27
hi nice site, its good to have a place to find information on the idf. keep up the good work keith

david latorre -
10-02-2001 03:58:11
solamente te felicito ,,,genial tu pagina.....

David Reinisch -
04-02-2001 14:44:25
Guys, this is a great site. Chapeau!

ben felner -
28-01-2001 07:21:07
nice site.

Stephane HERVE -
09-01-2001 16:28:29
Hi, You're building a great site which was missing on the net. Since you started it, i included idfmodelling in my favorites links. Bonne continuation. Stephane

Jim Walls -
04-01-2001 06:30:45
I have always been interested in the IDF and am glad to find this site. I am in the process of building an Avia S-199 (1/48 Hobby Craft) with photo etched details, but I am confused as to overall color, RLM02 or RLM68? Thanks for the site; j.w.

Fred -
21-12-2000 17:08:57
It'a a great site ... but only one vehicle? If you are interest in 'how to do that?' you can see a french one with a lot of pictures ... so it's not necessary to speak french ... you can see it at

Sgt. K. Littlejohn - Artly4 at
18-12-2000 09:17:10
Great site, I have a merkava III that took a 1st & 2nd, in the two contest I entered, any chance of getting it on your site.

Claus Toldbod -
11-12-2000 16:34:30
Cool site !!

Takayuki Nakanisi -
03-12-2000 11:36:47
This site is very wonderful! I'm very happy to see MLRS of IDF.

Darrell Freeman -
01-12-2000 04:47:43
Congratulations on a wonderful site. I have made this a favorite. Keep up the good work and I will be watching for more great stuff. I do have a question regarding the books update. I have had trouble pulling this up today.

eyal -
24-11-2000 11:16:47
keep on the good work. (-:

23-11-2000 11:02:03
Great site. It is great to see so many nice sites about ISRAEL. Also for those people interested in the IAF visit my site at for one of the best and the newest IAF site on the web. you will see all the pictures you ever wanted about the IAF. See you there and don't forget to sign my guest book!

One35th -
09-11-2000 05:11:38
Hi, Welcome aboard to the modeling world and STORM Alliance. Happy modeling and keep it up.

Daniel Levy -
05-11-2000 02:14:06
Lovely site! Keep it up. Love ton petit cousin

ouria canaff -
22-10-2000 22:05:22
first one , ae? add some models pics (airplanes) remove the riots pics and updated more often!

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